Your Garden is your unlocked potential !

Growing a garden is a gateway to many things you may not even have thought about being possible!

I don’t know about you but i can’t wait to get growing in 2022, I’ve been plotting, drawing, planning and designing ALL the things. Over the next series of blog posts i’m going to be walking you through ideas for Kitchen Gardens, Herb Gardens, Flower Gardens, Fruit gardens, plus sharing some thoughts on how to start your very first garden if your completely new to growing. So. in order to whet your appetite here are some things you can be incorporating into your garden wish list for 2022 !!


Save this post for your β€œgo to” list of inspo ideas πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»:


🌱salads all summer

🌱root crops all winter

🌱preserve year round supplies

🌱make all the jellies and jams

🌱 enjoy nutrient dense healthy food

🌱organic produce without the cost

🌱grow a kitchen garden

🌱plant an orchard for free fruit

🌱dehydrate your own fruit


🌱grow your own herbal medicine

🌱grow and make elderberry syrup

🌱 grow sponges from loofa

🌱make beautiful potpourri

🌱 ready supply of cut flowers

🌱use herbs to make household products


🌱 harvest seeds to swap or sell

🌱become a market gardener

🌱 grow and sell starts from cuttings

🌱 start a lavender farm

🌱sell bare-root trees and vines

🌱sell cut flower bouquets

🌱produce high yield 30 day crops for local grocery stores and restaurants

🌱design & sell seasonal wreaths


🌱create a secret garden

🌱create show stopping planting plans

🌱learn to color drift flower beds for added beauty

🌱create your own sense of place

🌱learn simple topiary skills

🌱design your dream garden

🌱grow a wild flowers to attract pollinators

🌱create special spaces with arbours and pergolas

🌱add mystery & adventure with winding paths and walls

🌱add old doors & mirrors for beauty and interest

🌱plant in bathtubs and stock tanks or old tires for fun & personality


🌱rock gardens

🌱desert gardens

🌱botanical gardens

🌱roof gardens

🌱container gardens

🌱try your hand at hydroponics

🌱cottage gardens

Let me know in the comments what gardens inspire you and what you have on your list?!!